Our Aim

Applying our extensive experience and network connections to achieve sustainable businesses and lifestyles.

Sustainable Businesses: accelerated growth for entrepreneurs and their businesses nationally and internationally.

With a special focus on advanced digital R&D and innovation (Ai, Blockchain, workflows) and scalable Sustainable Energy Solutions in changing markets.

Sustainable Living: Nurturing personalised and environmental health and wellbeing.

Our support under pins human value, economic benefit and most importantly environmental wellbeing and enhancement.


Our network of Ambassadors span over 125 years of group experience.


Gugs Lushai


Dolly Lushai

Health & Lifestyle

Neil Mehta

Water Conservation

Peter Jarratt

Education & Behaviour

Gaetan Cuvillier

Energy Conservation

Sofiane Belgadi

Digital R&D

Sustainable Businesses

  • Accelerated Business Strategy and Business Development
  • Funding for Innovation Technology TRL 3 to 4 advanced technology/ eCommerce/IoT/Digital/AI/Mobile Technology
  • Funding: Seed/ Pre Series A and Series B Business Angel/ Private Equity/ Venture
  • For Investors: remarkable international pipeline in impact sectors: Energy, Green, Edu, Fin tech and Waste and Water management
sustainable businesses

Gugs Lushai


Dr Gugs Lushai’s Top Tips

Dr Gugs Lushai’s walks you through common questions regarding innovation funding – what you need to win funds!

Dr Gugs Lushai explains how to develop a tested method to Sustainable Energy

We help you impact the economy delivering
Sea-of-Change innovation….
…and win market driven investment…!

Digital (IoT)


Big Data AI/ML

Mobile Technologies


Accelerate Economic Revival & Support
Global Interventions

Sustainable Lifestyles

  • Holistic Health: Herbal and Ayurvedic personal health-life balance consultations
  • Silent Retreats (reconnection with Nature);
  • Health empowerment through greater knowledge
  • Learning through virtual herbal ecosystem tours and online events;
  • Awareness of local plants and herbs towards 360 vision of sustainability;
  • Sustainable management of land and ecosystems
sustainable lifestyles

Dolly Lushai

Health & Lifestyle

Dolly Lushai’s Top Tips

Dolly Lushai listens to your questions on health and wellbeing and shares insights

We help you find  harmony and well being…

… Allowing you to be empowered to help
your health and the environment!

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